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John Christopher Hugo

(Born 1982 in Manila, Philippines 1982) is an amateur painter and artist living in North Carolina. John’s family immigrated to the United States in 1985 and settled in the small city of Springfield, Virginia (30 miles south of Washington, DC). John is now a resident of Matthews, North Carolina. He attended North Carolina State University where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering and a Minor in Art & Design.

John currently works during the day as a Transmission Line Engineer designing and planning high voltage power lines. On the weekends and every other free moment John gets, he tries to paint and express himself through his art. Aside from his art, John enjoys a number of hobbies and interests including: tennis, running, snowboarding, travel, yoga, and movies. All of these interests can be seen in his art. John has completed five (5) full marathons, thirty-eight (38) half marathons, and a number of 10K & 5K race events. The discipline it takes to train for these events does take away my time to do art, but the running/exercise clears my head for more ideas, creativity, and relaxation to create the best possible work.

John also was fortunate enough to have a study aboard experience while attending NCSU during his senior year. In Florence, Italy, John studied Art History and Italian Cooking but what was the most meaningful part of the experience abroad was the immersion into a different culture for a couple of months. The program was great and there were so many great works of art to be seen that summer (when all the museums were free). John had the ability to go see Michelangelo’s David a number of times since it was just two blocks away from his Italian apartment.

From a young age, John has always had an interest in art and design. With some of the world’s inspiring works just up the road in the Smithsonian, John was always captivated by the paintings in the impressionist era. The broad strokes and bold colors are definitely techniques he draws as inspiration in his own work.